ASIS roots are found in design, engineering and materials science. These three competences were used 20 years ago to start developing and producing office chairs. Our ASIS team of creative designers and skilled engineers discuss new ideas, cooperate and bring their combined strength together to develop a complete innovative office chair in every detail and/or component.

Innovation requires a continuous search for the best raw materials and production methods. Due our dynamic and efficient production process we guarantee the final high quality of our products.

Our workers are genuine craftsmen, internally trained and skilled, who make and assure the quality of the ASIS products. Over the years our customers have appreciated our superior finishing and craftsmanship.

Exquisite products, leading ergonomic designs and comprehensive office seating solutions makes ASIS successful all over the world.

We create products that are safe and comfortable, due to our paramount emphasis on quality.

Every product has passed multiple international testing standards and ASIS has registered numerous patents in Asia, Europe, and America.

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In 2015 ASIS R&D, design department and showroom moved to the Guangzhou Opera House, designed by Zaha Hadid. Located at the heart of Guangzhou's cultural sites development, a lasting, state-of-the-art monument to the new millennium overlooking the Pearl River.

Its contoured profile, unique twin boulder design and approach promenade enhances urban function, opens access to the riverside and dock areas and creates a new dialogue with the emerging town. Perfectly matching with ASIS philosophy and a truly inspiring environment for our designers and engineers to create the new generation chairs.

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Is responsible for marketing & sales and the distribution of ASIS products in Europe. Based in the Netherlands, from our central efficient warehouse, all activities take place. ASIS chairs are sold through an exclusive dealer network, please contact us for your nearest dealer.

Our challenge is to bring European customers the new flavor in furniture world....

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We are looking forward to bring you this new experience.

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Enhancing the quality of life in a healthy office space is ASIS' s guiding philosophy.

People spend 1/3 of their life working. ASIS focuses on people' s needs and therefore we collaborate with specialists in osteology and neurology at Beijing Union Hospital to conduct ergonomics research.

Research data showed that sitting on a chair with an unhealthy posture for more than two hours every day tended to cause disc herniation and varicose symptoms.

The research proved to be valuable and significant, and ASIS relied on it extensively.

ASIS translated and engineered the results into new specially designed mechanisms and ergonomic aspects/components specific for each series chair.

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All models have been tested and approved in accordance with the strict BIFMA duration test X5.1. BIFMA guarantees the highest quality; it is the toughest quality test.

Therefore, the models meet the highest standards of stability, durability and long-lasting reliability.

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